Run by Marina Pizziolo and Romano Ravasio, Art Consulting Network is present on the major world art markets.

Marina Pizziolo
Marina Pizziolo
Romano Ravasio
Romano Ravasio
Dubai | Panama
Founders of Art Consulting, which they run from Milan and Dubai. After lengthy experience accrued working in major Italian and European museums, today they are the curators of some of the most important international collections and they manage major projects for public institutions.

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Alessia Giglio Zanetti Alessia Giglio Zanetti

Art historian, she has worked for the museums of the City of Lugano as head of collections and coordinator of exhibition projects. She has a profound knowledge of European modern art.


Anna di Stasi Anna Di Stasi
New York

Art Consultant, she has worked at Christie’s as a specialist for the Department of Latin American Painting and now works as a consultant for collectors and institutions. She has a profound knowledge of contemporary South American art.


Maylin Pérez Parrado Maylin Pérez Parrado
Havana | Panama

Art critic, specialising in Cuban and Panamanian contemporary art. She has been able to build up relationships with artists, collectors, galleries and curators of museums in both countries. She lives in Havana and Panama.


Douglas Sosa Douglas Sosa

Art consultant, specialising in contemporary Latin American art and in artwork conservation, with experience in developing relationships between public and private institutions.


Farah Siddiqui Farah Siddiqui

Art critic, she has a profound knowledge of Indian, Pakistani and Iranian art. With vast experience as a consultant on modern and contemporary art, she has been able to build up relationships with artists, collectors, galleries and curators of museums, both in India and abroad.


Manuela Lietti Manuela Lietti

Art critic, specialising in contemporary Chinese art. Since 2003 she has lived and worked in Beijing, where she is very active as a curator of exhibitions, public art projects and collections, both public and private. She has worked for the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Venice Biennale, among others. She works with numerous international art magazines.


Paul Daniel Tehan Paul Daniel Tehan
Hong Kong

Curator and expert on museum management, he has worked in Melbourne at prestigious museums such as the National Gallery of Victoria, the Victoria Museum and the Ian Potter Museum of Art of the University of Melbourne. He has a profound knowledge of the art of South East Asia and has created and continues to manage major international public and private collections.