The value of your works of art. The pleasure of knowing precisely how much the works you have collected over the years or have just inherited are worth. Perhaps you had undervalued the importance of verifying the qualities declared at the time of purchase, and now you have some doubts. Or perhaps you have lost the certificates of authenticity of a work and you only have some recollection of its importance. An artwork can hold major surprises, and these may well be positive but there may also be disappointments.

Put an end to doubts. We can conduct an in-depth screening of your collection to ascertain the authenticity, state of conservation and financial value of the individual works concerned. The purpose of this is to prepare an upgrading plan for the collection, through acquisitions or targeted sales.

Large estates. A collection is something more than a group of works of art. When the collection is cohesive, complete and original, then its value exceeds that of the individual works that compose it. In this case targeted solutions are needed: whether the aim is to conserve the entire collection or to sell.

The criteria for the subdivision of the collection among various heirs should be focused upon with precision and rigour, respecting the fundamental characteristic of the work of art, namely its uniqueness. Our experience enables us to assist you in this delicate operation with impartiality and professionalism.