A Consultant by your side. Our exclusive consultancy service will enable you to experience the excitement of creating a collection with complete peace of mind and without risk, accompanied by your own Personal Art Consultant. Our consultancy service will extend to all the issues surrounding artworks: from researching, acquiring or commissioning a work to creating, structuring or curating a major collection.

After carefully analyzing your aspirations and appraising the collection you have put together, we will prepare a project for you, based on your specific budget.

Is your dream for a harmonious and systematic collection? Are you looking for a thematic or historical approach, or one devoted to a group of artists? Or are you looking for your own style? Do you want to be free to invent your own personal approach, without having to waste time on all those boring yet necessary details?
With your profile as a collector in mind, the Consultant will introduce you to works that will make your dream a reality. We offer you the privilege of deciding whether to acquire masterpieces that are only available to few. We can open the doors to the studios of the major artists on the international scene. We will train your eyes to see and understand even the most sophisticated and innovative languages of art and its poetry, with intelligence and sensitivity. To build up a collection that speaks of you, year after year, expressing an image of elegance and cultural refinement.

Creating a collection with a Personal Art Consultant is like climbing a mountain accompanied by a guide. You are the one who is climbing to the top. We are only by your side to prevent any mistakes, which, unfortunately, might cost your dear.

A Consultant in your place. If, on the other hand, you want an immediate result with great impact, but don’t have the time to handle the creation of your collection personally. If the architect has handed you the keys to your new home and you’re keen to see those white walls come to life. If you want your social status to finally find expression in a sophisticated, highly prestigious collection, then you can entrust the full and prompt realization of your dream to your Personal Art Consultant.

Taking advantage of our experience as curators of museum collections, we can build up a collection for you, designing it around a theme, a historical period or a group of artists. Considering variables such as your style, your culture, your available space and its architectural characteristics, the type of image you wish to convey, we will only select works of very high quality and which will also offer an excellent investment over the years.