Art investments. Works of art have always been one of the most fascinating investment sectors. An investment that can be extremely profitable if managed by professionals.
If you want to make a significant investment in art and you are aware of the fact that often the truly important works don’t even reach the galleries or auctions, but circulate in privileged and reserved channels, then turn to us. With our twenty years of experience, our exclusive relationships, our Network of Consultants, who are active on the world’s main art markets, from Milan to London and from New York to Beijing, we are in a position to offer you masterpieces by the greatest artists, past or present, from prestigious private collections.

Likewise you can entrust the artworks to us you intend to sell. We are constantly in search of important works to include in the collections we handle and are able to offer you highly select international buyers.

Effectiveness and confidentiality. Our way of operating is extremely sophisticated. We only move with exclusive mandates, which guarantee absolute confidentiality and the certainty of the best economic return to both purchaser and seller.

Guarantee of quality. Every work undergoes a detailed critical study and a series of scientific analyses to ascertain its authenticity, dating and state of conservation. Its bibliography and exhibition history are carefully verified and documented. It is only after this careful evaluation that the work is offered to our collectors.