Marina Pizziolo in Tomás Saraceno’s studio in Berlin
Romano Ravasio in Andrea Bianconi’s studio in Vicenza
Marina Pizziolo presenting her new book
Romano Ravasio in Hassan Sharif’s studio in Dubai
Marina Pizziolo in Arturo Carmassi’s studio near Florence

Artists mentoring

Being an artist or making a profession of it. If you are reading this page it is because you are an artist. And because you feel the urge to express your inner world, giving it shape and colour. Unfortunately, as you will have already realized, this is not enough to turn your art into a profession able to give you success, or even perhaps an income. You may not have found an outlet in the market because you lack contacts, or due to problems relating to your local area, or simply because you lack the expertise to promote your work effectively. If you have reached the point of thinking that art can’t be just a cause to devote your life to and you now realize that it is necessary to devise strategies in order to make your art a profession, you are ready for Artist Mentoring.

Adapting without change. Artists today often consider the market demands unacceptable, considering their expressive freedom an inalienable right. But we often forget that the greatest artists of the past created their masterpieces on commission, within a system of political or religious restrictions that gave them little chance to stray from their patron’s demands. But despite this they successfully overcame these limits and created everlasting masterpieces.
The challenge is to remain yourself while successfully meeting market demands.

What we can do for you. After a long experience gained from working in great Italian and European museums, we have applied our historical, critical and scientific experience to creating collections. Today we are curators of some of the world’s most important collections.
Our knowledge of the art market and its rules allows us to stand beside you and analyse your work, identifying any errors you might be committing and making sure you develop all your potential: never interfering with your message, but helping to get it across.
Our Mentoring service will show you how to get into the art market. We can visit your studio or work through video conferencing, organize group classes and residencies.

Take a look at one of the books we have authored, listen to our conference on contemporary photography or watch one of the performances we have commissioned.

Give voice to your voice: the tools. Perfect your artistic technique or experiment with new techniques. Introduce yourself and your work. Choose the most suitable works for an exhibition. Use new technologies to increase the visibility of your work. Create a proper website and give it visibility. Produce your catalogues in e-book version to ensure they reach a wider audience. Submit your work to the sites and international repertoires that curators consult. Get onto the international exhibition circuit. Create a network with other artists. Learn about your local market and the international one. Arouse the interest of art dealers that deal in art similar to yours. Adapt what you do to real market opportunities. Understand your potential and position yourself in the right market for your work. Develop a pricing strategy that will increase the value of your work through time. Sell directly to collectors. Find sales opportunities in parallel markets of design or craftwork. Manage the relationship with auction houses. Manage the primary and secondary markets successfully. Obtain recognition for resale rights.

Group classes. Registration is now open for the next Mentoring class for artists. The class will be held in English (minimum 10 participants – maximum 20). The programme will be published by the end of May 2019.
– Septempber 2019, Panama and Buenos Aires.