Art sharing

The future of art and the art of the future. The art market is important to all artists because it represents an opportunity for immediate exchange with critics, art dealers and art lovers.
However, the art market is traditionally linked to exhibiting works in a physical space, and does not always show them to their best advantage. Sometimes the sites are far away or inaccessible due to transportation and exhibition costs. And this is where the new technologies come in.

Our Art Sharing platform digitally situates artworks exactly where artists would like them to be. Artists who use the new technologies will be able to show, rent or sell their creations to galleries, commercial spaces or directly to individuals. But even artists who use more traditional techniques can take advantage of the new tools that will enable them to reach out to a wider and more international public.

Sell or share. Because of their intangible nature, the products of the new technologies lend themselves to a different approach, replacing the concept of owning Art with that of enjoying and sharing it. Creations in augmented and virtual reality will become a poetic complement to our homes, and we will be able to change or alternate the content according to the moments of our day or life. Holographic virtual attendance will become compelling gateways to worlds to listen to or interact with. At the same time, 360° video art creations will expand the boundaries of our homes, projecting us into situations that will completely transform the perception of our space. Simple 3D printers in our homes will enable the artists to dialogue with us, proposing artworks from their repertoire or even inventing along with us, in an ever-changing composition of reuse and recreation of the plastics used by the printer. Art can even be projected onto the TV screen or any other of a wide variety of devices.

On our website, spherical photos, navigable in normal or virtual reality mode, will provide a tour round the artists’ studios, with the opportunity to see them at work, follow the progress of commissioned works, or even choose the pieces to buy, dealing directly with the artist, if independent, or with the gallery.

Submit your work. We invite artists to work with us. We will add you to our database, giving you the chance to be contacted directly by individuals, galleries or commercial spaces.
To offer a time limited preview you can send us the picture of an artwork you have just completed, allowing collectors and dealers worldwide to make a bid.
Let people soak up the atmosphere of the artist at work by sending us a spherical photo of your studio, and allow anyone in the world to take a look behind the scenes.
Send us a dynamic self-portrait: a short spherical video of you at work, so you can share the moment you create an artwork.